Video by Wilko Bello, from the documentary Beeldjagers


Elmer van der Marel (Amsterdam 1969) can be characterized as a street photographer, although the technique and style can be seen on many other subjects.

Trailer Documentary Beeldjagers by Wilko Bello:

He captures subtle moments in the big theatre that is the city. Not the moment itself, but the road to and the story behind it, is what’s important in his work. He is led by his intuition, which seems to invent new stories on every corner. Elmer has the distinct capability to connect individuals with each other or with their surroundings, creating new meaning to the scenes he encounters.

He captures a frozen moment which is open to a new interpretation that reaches beyond the given situation. Mainly working in and around his hometown Amsterdam.

His work has been published in the Netherlands by Het Parool, Het Financieele Dagblad, Provincie Noord Holland and many more.

Elmer has won the Silver Camera in 2011 (Daily News), 2012 (Spot News), and 2013 (Documentary).

CV Elmer van der Marel:

After working in the film industry for 12 years I started my study at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam in 2003.

Graduated in 2007. Worked as an intern for newspaper Het Parool.

Awards and prizes:

  • Zilveren Camera 2011: Daily News
  • Zilveren Camera 2012: Spot News
  • Zilveren Camera 2013: Documentary
  • Pf magazine portfolio prijs 2013
  • SO Awards Nominee 2015
  • Brussel Street Photography Festival Nominee 2017
  • Stadsarchief Amsterdam Documentary Assignment 2020


  • Gall en Gall galerie Amsterdam 2014
  • Photoville New York 2015
  • Vondel CS Amsterdam 2016
  • Amnesty Haarlem 2016
  • Volkshotel 2018


  • Het Parool
  • Provincie Noord Holland
  • CZAR
  • NedPho
  • NL Film & TV
  • HomeAdvisor (US)
  • Fitzroy
  • DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
  • J.Walter Thompson Amsterdam
  • Waternet